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Luohu Commercial City is close to the largest land port in China- - Luohu Port, only separated from Hong Kong by a river, and it is the intersection area of customs, railway stations, coach stations, subway stations and bus terminus, with extremely  convenient communication.LuohuCommercialCityhas an average daily passenger flow of 50,000 people, and 90% of the customers areHong Kongcompatriots and tourists who come here especially. It is praised by media in both Shenzhen and Hong Kong as the "backyard garden" forHong Kongshoppers.

Luohu Commercial City is a pure commercial giant building, with seven-storey, building area of 75,758 square meters and business area of 55,000 square meters. There are 1260 large and small shops in total and owned by different individual owners. Most of the ground floor and first floor southern area is Luohu Coach station, while from first floor northern area to the fifth floor are shops. The sixth and seventh floor are the North South arches; The Cantonese opera Society is located on the south arch, whereas and the north arch is the Yummy Canteen for the staff, The seventh floor is the office of Jin LuoHu Commercial City. The ownership of Luohu Commercial City is dispersed and it contain contents many small shops.About 90% of the owners are Hong Kong companies or residents. For all these particular reasons. Many shopper are self-employed and therefore there are super collection of varied goods, ranging from catering, leisure and shopping, Generally, it can be divided into ten sectors: food and beverage market; massage, hairdressing, manicure and leisure market; fabric and tailor market; garment market; crafts and accessories market; curtain fabric market; ethnic craft and Cantonese opera culture market; tea and tea set market; electrical appliances and toys market; luggage, leather goods and watches market,etc.

LuohuCommercialCityis indeed the giant "grocery stores" with urban fashion, and Vast arrays of goods will make you linger with rewarding experience.