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UI designer (Work place:Shenzhen Luohu)
Job description:
1.Responsible for the design project design, typesetting, revising, output and so on;
2.Participate in discussion for product UI designing;
3.According to the requirement, optimize the design;
4.Cooperate with operation department to carry out banner and promotion page design.
Job requirements:
1.Art design, art or related major.More than 3 years of experience in the same industry;
2.APP UI design master,having the overall view of interface design, sense of aesthetic feeling, understanding of  the UE design;
3.Good at PS/AI and other commonly used design software. Familiar with the iOS/Android interface design specifications;
4.Have simple and efficient design concept. Have superior adaptation to product iterative;
5.Focus on teamwork and the overall situation.

Mobile product manager (Work place:Shenzhen Luohu)
Job description:
1.Responsible for product planning and design of mobile platform or data platform;
2.Responsible for the XXXXXX's mobile products / platform user feedback monitoring and user maintain;
3.Responsible for product integrity planning, optimization and improvement of existing processes.Mining user needs;
4.Responsible for the analysis of other mobile products / platforms, according to market feedback and users' needs, and constantly improve the product function;
5.Coordinate with team to determine the best technical implementation plan and reasonable implementation plan.Coordinate with related departments to carry out the project promotion, product promotion, product marketing and other work.Determine the direction and quality of the product.
Job requirements:
1.More than 3 years experience in internet products、mobile application products、O2O related industry experience is preferred.
2.Familiar with the domestic mainstream APP download platform.Have a certain product operation thinking.Experience in product design or development in the Internet industry is preferred
3.Good communication and coordination ability.Strong writing ability and creative ability. Cheerful personality.Work carefully and seriously.Strong sense of responsibility and ability to work under pressure.

Web product manager(Work place:Shenzhen Luohu)
Job description:
1.Responsible for the XXXXXX's Web User Research and demand analysis.Responsible for web product planning and design.According to the development direction and innovation of web products, finish the design and promotion plan;
2.Optimize the design of existing web products.Improve product quality and reputation.Deeply research of the users ' needs.Promote product optimization and improvement;
3.Work closely with R & D team.Write product documentation.Responsible for the management of research 、development and propulsion function on line;
4.Monitoring and analysis of online product operation data.Product function optimization.Enhance the user experience of the product;
5.Make product development plan, participate in the development of project development plan and business plan, and be responsible for the product's market result.
Job requirements:
1.2-4 years of work experience.Online retailers working experience is preferred;
2.Love the mobile Internet.Have web interactive design experience.Have in-depth experience and understanding of the internet products;
3.Familiar with UED method and work flow.Have a deep understanding of the interactive design.Have a deep insight into the behavior and psychology of users;
4.Strong innovation ability.Good at data analysis and requirements research.Have a strong sense of responsibility.Fast execution.
5.Work initiative.Good communication skills.Able to communicate ideas with team members.

Marketing planning(Work place:Shenzhen Luohu)
Job description:
1.Participate in the XXXXXX's marketing formulation;
2.Write all kinds of internal planning document and creative solutions;
3.To participate in corporate brand marketing and public relations coordination;
4.Analysis of the XXXXXX's online and offline activities, organization, planning, execution and tracking.
Job requirements:
1.Skilled use PowerPoint and it is better that you also can use Photoshop;
2.Good communication skills.Strong compression ability;
3.Can independently write product promotion programs, comb planning products and provide a part of the idea;
4.It is the best that you have been engaged in advertising companies, media or Internet companies.

Customer specialist(Work place:Shenzhen Luohu)
Job description:
1.Responsible for supplier communication and management;
2.Responsible for online product sales;
3.Responsible for the delivery of the latest policy, product trends.Ensure supplier to continuously update the product to the platform;
4.Responsible for analysis of regular data sales .Give guidance to help suppliers improve sales。
Job requirements:
1.College degree or above, major in computer science or related;

2.Love e-commerce industry.Familiar with office software;

3.Willing to take responsibility and be good at team work'Have strong communication skills and language skills;
4.Responsible, self-motivated, with excellent learning ability and management potential.