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Traditional culture craft exhibition

Time: 2016-03-04   Source: 罗湖商业城   Publisher: admin

Traditional culture craft exhibition in Luohu Commercial City

In order to spread the traditional folk culture and Chinese handmade folk art,and create a unique market culture of Luohu commercial city.There have been more than 40 kinds of Chinese culture and art come in Luohu commercial city in the last 20 years.Such as eight Quyi agency and a opera costume photography.Cultural project is located in the city on the first floor to six floor.You can find Beijing dough figurine、Tianjin caly figurine、Weifang kite in Luohu Commercial City.

First floor: Cartoon portrait、Second-hand famous watches、Brush workshop

Second floor: Shadow puppet、Ceramic crafts

Third floor: Chinese knot、National Sculpture、Dyehouses、Portrait art、Folk embroidery、Creative hand drawing

Fourth floor: Paper-cut、Mend crockery、Fancy cotton candy、sugar painting、Antique retro Hand-Pulled Noodle hair、Jade carving、Chinese stone carving、Folk musical instruments、Beading、Chinese inner-painted snuff bottles、Hand clay、Olive carving

Fifth floor: Dough figurine Xiao、Iron wire art、Tapestry workshop、painted clay figurine、Chinese inner-painted snuff bottles、Micro-carving、Silk flowers、Engravedpaper、Weifang kite、Straw plaited article 、Handmade paper umbrella、Activated carbon Cloisonne、Beads series production、Tapestries artistic

Sixth floor: Sheng Wei opera association、Chun Qiu opera association、Sheng Hao opera association、Li Sheng opera association、Chun Zhi Sheng opera association、Shi Er opera association、Qu Xing opera association、Yue Wei opera association、Da Hong Pao fashion photography