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Sun Fei master went to Futian School for Paper Cutting Calligraphy inheriting.

Time: 2016-04-11   Source: 罗湖商业城   Publisher: admin

Paper cutting is one of the traditional culture techniques in our country.Calligraphy is a treasure of Chinese culture.Sun Feii,as a master of paper-cut calligraphy,combines them so well.

On April 1, 2016,master Sun came to the Futian School to teach a special traditional culture class.Master Sun showed the art of paper cutting calligraphy vividly.

Master Sun teached the children using Taiji action.He teached the kids to focus on self-cultivation.Art is closely related to inner culture.

The children were fascinated by master Sun's show,which was like magic.

Through classroom teaching, sun master not only imparted the traditional art of paper-cut calligraphy,but also the quality cultivation we handed down from age to age.